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About Clinecta

Clinecta Mission

Clinecta develops innovative and effective distance learning, communications, and remote workplace software. We believe that enabling faster and more reliable sharing of information and knowledge is the most important function of information technology.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Identifying, storing and delivering educational content that appeals to a variety of senses
  • Allowing learners and educators to choose the time, place and delivery media
  • Measuring, quantifying, and improving both delivery and content
  • Providing a system to easily author, publish and distribute educational content
  • Creating an index of reusable, easily integrated educational content
  • Allowing educators to gather and effectively use performance data to constantly improve educational content and delivery mediums

The Clinecta Philosophy

  • Education plays a role in every form of communication
  • Effective education improves understanding and ultimate performance
  • Customer relationships are the most important aspect to our approach to business
  • Customer requirements and satisfaction drive our activity and our focus toward continuous improvement
  • The pace and focus of education and learning are self-directed
  • Technology has enabled organizations to nearly eliminate travel and decentralize training and communications.

The Clinecta Methodology

Before we begin a project at Clinecta we ask the following questions:

  1. Objective: How do we define and measure success?
  2. Deliverables: What are the goals and the desired outcomes?
  3. Timetable: When is our work complete?
  4. Budget: What are the resources and the costs involved?

Clinecta uses this standard project methodology because it has been proven, by many organizations, to be the most effective approach. Our team of experienced professionals will meet with your organization, determine the answers to these questions and deliver training and education software that meet the needs that are specific to your organization.


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