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Collaboration, in the past, has meant many things and had many definitions. It could include the mundane such as, e-mail, fax, or telephone conversation. Or it could include the complex such as, file sharing, idea sharing, team work, and project execution.

Many of the services and tools are not nearly sophisticated enough, cost too much, or are far too complicated to set up and learn.

Are You Talking About Project Management?

It's not just project management that is important. It is providing an acceptable solution for people in two or more different places to work together as if they were side by side. One that encompasses than simply project management. One that includes message posting, file sharing, can track conversations and develop a knowledge base of your most important corporate asset Brainpower. We feel that if someone really sat down and examined the elements that are essential to remote workplaces, it would be a major step. Thus far, people have just added functionality to what are essentially message boards. That is not and never was good enough. With that said, Clinecta can show you how to manage your business, your projects, and just about everything else in a true collaborative manner.

  • Use your existing infrastructure
  • Use your existing applications
  • Use our tools and techniques to create a true collaborative environment.

Collaboration Engine Features:

  • Location Detection
  • Queue Management
  • Network Interpolation
  • Web-based Text Chat
  • Instant Messaging Gateway
  • Voice-over-IP
  • IP-Based Telephony Conferencing
  • Live Video
  • Web Page Sharing
  • SSL Form Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Interfaces to Outlook
  • Interfaces to Help!Desk
  • Interfaces to Other Applications
  • Event History
  • Caller Profiling
  • Employee Profiling
  • Central Administration
  • Live Monitoring
  • Reporting

Hosted or On Site Implementations

We offer our services either as an ASP (Application Service Provider) where we host The Meeting Matrix collaboration technology at a low cost monthly fee per user, or as a scalable enterprise solution where The Meeting Matrix can be located and managed on your site.


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