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The Learning MatrixTraining And Education Development

We have designed and created The Learning Matrix. The Learning Matrix (tLM) can offer you and your organization a complete curriculum of online classes, seminars, and self paced tutorials on any topic in corporate and traditional education. All with the focus upon making students and employees the most powerful and successful people that your organization can provide.

Using The Learning Matrix, our educational content development services and our remote classroom and meeting software (The Meeting Matrix), we can show you how to deliver training, demonstrations, and even testing and certification without the cost of travel and equipment.

What We Can Provide

  • Curriculum delivery, methodology, and revision consulting
  • Advanced education content management and creation
  • Remote and virtual classroom instruction enabling
  • Testing and certification
  • Performance testing and metrics
  • Statistical results analysis
  • Standards adherence and standards adoption consulting

Learn more about The Learning Matrix Now:

Revolutionizing Distance Learning With The Learning Matrix:

Clinecta releases, with this paper, the first public look at The Learning Matrix, it's capabilities, requirements, and background. This white paper defines why a traditional learning management system (LMS) is not sufficient in todays increasingly complicated learning environments.

(17 Pages - Microsoft™ Word™ 97-2002™ and Adobe™ Acrobat™ Formats)

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Enhancing the Education Experience:

An in-depth examination of the effect that information technology has had upon distance learning in business and education. This is a simple look at why the process of distance learning has to improve and how Clinecta can help that process with The Learning Matrix

(9 Pages - Microsoft™ Word™ 97-2002 and Adobe™ Acrobat™ Formats)

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