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The Meeting Matrix

The Meeting Matrix is designed for any individual, corporate or, educational user to help eliminate travel and reduce costs while enhancing communication.

It offers a wide range of communications utilities including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice-over-IP
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Streaming video
  • Multi-user video conferencing and messaging

The Meeting Matrix also offers special collaboration features designed to better interact with students, customers, and employees including:

  • Two-way web browsing
  • Application sharing
  • White boarding
  • Access to existing knowledge and data repositories
  • Remote desktop sharing
  • Remote desktop control
  • Secure messaging and file sharing
  • Unlimited storage and retrieval of session logs and activity reports

The Meeting Matrix integrates with The Learning Matrix as well as other applications and systems such as directory servers, Microsoft™ Exchange™/Outlook™ and can be customized to integrate with existing business CRM and ERP systems.

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The Meeting Matrix Collaboration Platform:

An introductory look at our virtual and remote workplace and classroom solution, The Meeting Matrix. We discuss features, benefits, and trends as well as highlight some crucial concerns in the virtual workplace market and how The Meeting Matrix Addresses them.

(11 Pages - Microsoft™ Word™ 97-2002™ and Adobe™ Acrobat™ Formats)

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